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July 30th - Thank You Fr. Brabant - Coffee & Fellowship

On July 30th, parishioners are invited after the 11 am mass to the sacristy to say farewell and to thank Fr. Brabant. Coffee will be served at that time.       Read More


English Mass - Article from The Sou'wester - March 20, 2017

Link:The Sou'wester - March 20, 2017 - Article by Danielle Da Silva Mass, en Anglais Historic Paroisse Saint-Norbert brings back English mass One of the city’s most historic churches is changing the language it uses... Read More

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St. Norbert Church and Chapel - Article by The Sou'wester - July 10th

Link:The Sou'wester - July10, 2017 - Article by Garwood Robb St. Norbert Beautiful Church and Chapel It’s a beautiful day for a walk in our neighbourhood. The St. Norbert neighbourhood that is. Ever since I read... Read More


St. Norbert Parishioners Needing Help!

Help support Fabrice and His Family St. Norbert Parishioners Fabrice is a caring, sweet and energetic 7 year-old boy who has already gone through a lot in his short life. Fabrice was born with a life-threatening... Read More


Merci! Micheline Girard et Annette Marcoux et Roxanne Pritchard

PRÉPARATION AUX SACREMENTS: Un gros merci à Micheline Girard (Réconciliation et Première Communion) et à Annette Marcoux et Roxanne Pritchard (Confirmation) qui ont su si bien préparer les jeunes pour les sacrements... Read More


Merci! - Catéchèse à l’école Noël-Ritchot

CATÉCHÈSE À L'ÉCOLE NOËL-RITCHOT: La Paroisse de Saint-Norbert aimerait remercier les catéchètes qui ont enseigné la catéchèse aux élèves de l'école Noël-Ritchot durant cette année scolaire. Nous voulons aussi dire... Read More


L'abbé Gabriel Lévesque - Notre nouveau prêtre permanant

Gabriel Lévesque est notre prêtre permanant commençant au mois d’août 2017. Nominations pastorales des prêtres et des animatrices et animateurs de la vie paroissiale - en vigueur le 1er août 2017. Cliquez ici.          Read More


New/Nouveau logo - Fantastique

Our Parish Logo Our logo represents our church's largest rosette, with the cross in the middle. The circle represents the Eucharist, which is the centre of parish and community life. The different colours of the... Read More


Facebook - WOW!

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