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Fall Suppers

Lorette: Sunday, October 13,noon-6 pm, Parish Hall
St. Adolphe: Sunday, October 14, 4-7 pm, Salle des pionniers (Arena)
Sts Martyrs Canadiens: Sunday, October 14, 4-6:30 pm, Parish Hall
Fraternal Order of Eagles: Saturday, Oct.20, 4-7 pm, Eagles Club, St. Norbert
Mary Mother of the Church: Sunday, Oct. 21, 4-7 pm, Parish Hall
St. Eugene: Sunday, October 21,4-7 pm, Parish Hall
St. Joseph: Sunday, October 21, 4-7:30 pm, Community Hall

Soupers d’automne

Lorette : dimanche 13 octobre,midi-18h, Salle paroissiale
Saint-Adolphe : dimanche 14 octobre,16h-19h, Salle des pionniers (Aréna)
Sts-Martyrs-Canadiens : dimanche 14 oct.,16h-18h30, Salle paroissiale
Fraternal Order of Eagles : samedi 20 oct.,16h-19h, Eagles Club, Saint-Norbert
Mary Mother of the Church : dim. 21 oct.,16h-19h, Salle paroissiale
Saint-Eugène : dimanche 21 octobre,16h-19h, Salle paroissiale
Saint-Joseph : dimanche 21 octobre,16h-19h30, Salle communautaire